Biography of BOC Madaki

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Today hiphophead is shining bright light on Hausa rapper BOC Madaki. The dread haired rap artiste has an ever increasing fan base. You will be surprised by the number of fans he has as a result of consistent impressive work.

So this piece right here is the exclusive biography of BOC Madaki with all you need to know about him.

His birth names is Dhinda Luka Bulus Madaki. Dhinda is a tribal name that translates into “There Is Home”. BOC Madaki was born on the 22nd of  September.

Bauchi State is his State Of Origin. He hails from Bogoro Local government area which makes him a full blown indigene, no wonder he connects very well with them.

BOC Madaki’s tribe and religion

The Hausa rapper is a member of a minority tribe known as  Zhar. In some quarters, they are also known As the Sayawa people. Hausa rapper BOC Madaki is a Christian.

Meaning Of BOC

The acronym that we have come to know as his name could be any of the following below:

Beyond Ordinary Critics, Black Ordained Champ, Black Out Cartoon, Bulus’ Own Child or
Barde Ogan Chasu. The latter is A Hausa term that translates in English as “Brave Entertainment Leader”.

Family background

Hausa rapper BOC Madaki is the only son of his parents. His father is named Paul, a name which translates as Bulus in Hausa. Hence the acronym BOC can mean “Bulus’ own child”.

He has a young son named Leo with his girlfriend. His parents who are civil servants had 5 children of which Madaki is the first and only male.

He had four sisters by the names Martha, Elizabeth, Mary and Bridget. In 2001, Mary the third sister died. But two years later in 2003, Bridget was born. However the eldest sister Martha died on the 24th of January in 2013.

Educational background and yaro boy years

Hausa rapper BOC Madaki attended Sunshine Learning Centre for his kindergarten at New GRA in Bauchi from 1990 to 1991.

He moved on to Jibril Aminu nursery and primary school located at New GRA, behind Zaranda Hotel in Bauchi from 1991 to 1996.  attended. He also schooled briefly at Yelwa practicing school where he did primary 3 to 6 between 1996 and 1999. BOC attended school at government day secondary school. Bauchi.

In 2007 he enrolled for National Diploma at the Abubakar Tatari Ali polytechnic Bauchi to study agricultural technology. However he dropped out of school.

It may be due to the lack of funds or his poor academic performance which was due to the many distractions that came with his growing musical skills. This was less than a year into the program.

He is never shy to state the fact that he was a “yaro boy” cleaning plates and shoes, his humble beginning is a pivot. He worked as a primary school teacher.

However he holds a first class National Diploma certificate of Environment Studies in estate management. This was on his second attempt at the same institution in 2012.

Musical history

Hausa Rapper BOC Madaki started his music career with special numbers in church sometimes giving renditions at liberation hour at Yelwa.

He started as a Christian artiste. One of his earliest influences is an artiste called Slash D who we know little of. Together they started Christ victorious, a gospel group which included slash D’s younger brother Chesque.

Madaki would also perform in school on lit day but under the alias Diamond B. In 2005 Slash D and Madaki would leave the Christian music line and create D hood, a more contemporary hip hop group. D hood stands for dream hood.

The group will finally dissolve in 2007 as both artistes parted ways. Madaki started his solo journey. Hausa rapper BOC Madaki has over a hundred recorded singles to his name. He has also been featured in over five hundred songs.

Hausa rapper BOC Madaki was signed to Toss A Coin management out fit and this was the beginning of his boom.

His management deal with Toss A Coin group was renewed to end in 2015. The outfit facilitated the video shoot of his single “one of a kind” which featured Black Blinx and C Man. Both artistes were also signed to the same out fit at the time.

His major competition comes from fellow Hausa themed rappers like Classiq, Kheengz and DJ Abba.

Style of rap and reviews

BOC Madaki is able to rap in English and in Hausa language. He us also able to flow in pidgin English and in Zhar. He is multilingual and believes that music is universal so there is no restriction to the number of Languages he can perform in.

The rasta haired rapper has an active imagination and this allows him to write concrete verses out of his thoughts. He believes in natural creativity and wild feels that artistes should rely on it.

His “No English” mixtape was met with positive critical reviews. It featured fellow Hausa rappers and has gotten him a lot of acclaim. For example, the video skit for the mixtape got over 5000 niche targeted downloads. This only announces the arrival of a new king.

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