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My name is Abdullahi Abdullahi (also known as GEEBOY), Grandson of former sarkin tudun wada Zaria.

I am a contemporary Arewa musician, actor and also cinematographer. 

I was born in Kaduna State,  on 3rd of January 1996.  I attended New breed secondary school badiko Kaduna, I graduated in 2014.

Currently I’m a final year student of Urban and Regional Department , Ahmadu Bello University in Zaria. 

I’m a member of YNS (Yaran North Side) and also the Assistant DOP/Manager of YBI multimedia. 

I’ve gained a lot of fans after the release of the song titled”Daina Bina” Which was released in 2018, and the official music video was released in 2019. 

In 2020 i was featured in the 2020 YNS Cypher (da so samu ne) A song that uplifted my fan base and also to be recognised more even internationally.

Hobbies: As an artist, cinematographer actor TPL in the making I really love to learn more about my religion (Islam) and also he huge fan of anime, my favourite characters are 

1. Jiraiya sense

2. Uchiha itachi

3 Yondaime hokage 

Achievements: I have been honored and have been given award by alot of presenters and sponsors in multiple occasions due to the tremendous work he has put in building his career. With the help of Sir YB (C.E.O YBI) We were able to build up a multimedia production company known as YBI multimedia in which i attained the position of Assistant DOP and Assistant Manager of the crew

I’ve been recognised internationally Alhamdulillah. The rapid growth of Geeboy’s fanbase was noticed by Google and for that reason Google verified Geeboy as an artist.

CONTACT INFO: GMAIL: INSTAGRAM: @geeboy__ TWITTER: @geeboy_ FACEBOOK:Abdullahi abdullahi geeboy YOUTUBE: Abdullahi Geeboy ?0810 705 8787

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