Neco 2018 English Paper Has Been Cancelled

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Neco 2018 English Paper has been cancelled.

Main Reason Behind the Cancelling of English Language Paper

New date for English is 30th June 2018.

According to the meeting, English was cancelled due to the copy / Malpractice involved in it. And if care is not taking there will be another cancellation of papers. Also there maybe a maximum failure in NECO EXAM 2018 if care is not taking.
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  1. Unknown says

    Open letter to the Minister of Education, Mallam Adamu Adamu.

    Dear Sir,

    My Fear for the Next Generation Over the State of Education in Nigeria.
    Education is the key to success, but in Nigeria there is something problematic about the educational system here, because in Nigerian secondary schools answers are being given to the students during SSCE (WAEC/NECO) Examinations. Are we helping them ? But rather we are cheating them. I happen to be an invigilator during 2015/2016 NECO examination in Gombe State; invigilators used to issued one question paper to the school examination officer for him/her to find a professional person to solve the questions and photocopy the answers in order to share it with the students. Some schools candidates do not come for the examinations, and corrupt invigilators often issued question papers and answer booklets to teachers, to go and solve it outside the examination hall and then take it back to the invigilator and mark attendance for the non-appearance candidates. Students, parents and Government ought to know and take necessary action to fix the problem of malpractice because that is where corruption begins.
    Wisemen say "You can not give what you don't have" Fellow Nigerians, we must call a spade a spade, examination malpractice is HARAM (sin). The perpetrators should be ready to answer questions in the hereafter. As teachers we need to teach the students not to cheat them. "Sin is a sin even if the whole world are doing it."
    I also used to mark NECO scripts and students answer-scripts are full of 'copy and paste'. You will see the same work, and in some instances the same mistakes – a pointer to malpractice. I marked NECO Scripts from Kwara State in 2016. Kano State in 2017. One of My friend marked that of Niger State 2016 and Rivers State in 2017. We share the same experience – Examination Malpractice has manifested all over the Nation. There are schools which are considered as "special centres" because of candidates always get the nine credits or distinctions they wants to get admission into the university. Those that are lucky to get admission in the university often underperformed in the university and thus "graduate" unceremoniously.
    In the meantime, when we help or allow our secondary school students to cheat in the exam, what do you think they will do in the future when they find themselves in your position? Assuming the students finished their school and become a medical doctors, the impact of the malpractice will obviously manifest in the work and service he/she provides in the society.
    The examination bodies (NECO/WAEC) are fully aware of the malpractices taking place in the schools,but they remain quite. That is to show that they have hand in it because you could see leakages of questions papers and answers on the social media a day to each and every paper. Where did they got it from?
    Federal Ministry of Education and concerned authorities needs to intervene.
    Khalifa Umar Bappah.

    President Federal republic of Nigeria.
    Registrar NECO Board.
    Registrar WAEC Board.
    Religious leaders.

  2. Abubakar Aliyu says

    Its so ,but firstly blaim the government do to lack of paying teachers their entailment

  3. Unknown says

    Very good observation

  4. Unknown says

    Very good observation.

  5. Uzairu Haruna says

    Weldone Malam Khalifa

  6. Rasaq says

    It is not that they are cheating the students, but they are killing the future of this country. Go back to 2014,when there was mass failures in WAEC, the examination body was summoned. But in 2015,the body decided to pass all the students to the detriment of the future of our nation. Go to your immediate neighour and search for those that wrote WAEC starting from 2013 to that 2015.pick a students that you know his/her capability and asked him/her for the WAEC results. You will see the whole truth. Someone that can't write primary six exams and pass came out with distinctions in WAEC. Also, go and check the mathematics questions papers, there is a portion set aside for other West Africa countries. You will see that all the topics in this section are what they teaching in our Tertiary schools . Are we going back or progressing?. The minister of Education needs serious overhauling of our schools curriculum.

  7. Bashir Muhammad tukur says

    Enter your comment…that's Good
    it has also come to my notice some students are now subscribing for Answers in the internet

  8. Unknown says

    Yes that good

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