VIDEO + AUDIO: Ricqy Ultra – Xenophobia

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Ricqy Ultra – Xenophobia Mp3 Download – Never been to the South cuz I was born in the north The sun rise in the east but here I am in the west Raising weapons against a black brother I think it’s time to call the black panther You must be out of your mind to call it xenophobia The government watching like they’re suffering malaria Back in 93, I had to take a trip I’m losing my conscience I can’t even sleep Watching great Mandela finally set free The nation jubilating, Africa was set free Things got so rough in my homeland I know I had to sail south instead to sail west I’m now paying the price With my blood I’m paying the price March 21st another attack September 9 another attack

Where is the time?
Where is the place?
Where is the peace?

The youths disturbing the peace and killing in peace Fighting my tears behind my poor eyes What are you teaching the younger generation? Is this the legacy and history you gonna leave behind? The burning and the looting is what you think is right? So many years of sacrifice all gone in vain Unity in diversity suffering in pain Can you tell me exactly what you stand to gain
After the bloodshed, your soul is left with pain An African in Africa is not a stranger An African in Africa is not a foreigner A black man in a black country is not an enemy You are just blinded by hate and monopoly Killing Africans in your country is so barbaric Turning your country to slaughter house is just a waste Your soul is so weak that you can’t hustle to survive Raising weapons on the street is not the way to survive
You never knew what it took Nigeria, Guinea, Tanzania, Zambia and Mozambique so much years to see your redemption
They don’t know about Mandela tax in 77
Had to boycott the Olympics in 1979
Fire in Soweto, this is 2019 The world is now watching Africa is watching
Nigeria is watching Every human is watching


South Africans think we are joking
We had to fight for them now they are mocking How many Africans are they killing? Enough is enough we are hurting, hurting We are hurting A word is enough we are hurting, hurting We are hurting You got to understand we are hurting

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